UVC Light – A protective solution for Home, Office against Coronavirus

In the midst of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic & the increasing cases day by day in the nation, the Government & many other organizations have been promoting different techniques to keep you secure from the highly contagious disease. In the fight against coronavirus, there is Ultraviolet light (UV-C) that is capable enough to inactivate the virus.


UV sanitization is an effective & quick procedure for inert microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Numerous organizations and industries are utilizing this technology to keep themselves and the work environment secure from all types of infections, particularly from the most recent coronavirus.

Can Sunlight be able to kill Coronavirus?

Natural Sunlight has a more amount of UVA, which is of the wavelength of 315 – 400 nm. It is very harmful to the skin and can cause various skin diseases and aging etc. But, It is not effective in the inactivation of the virus as per David Brenner, director of the Centre for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Centre.

Whereas, UV-C light is not present in the sunlight as it gets filters out due to the earth’s atmosphere. It is especially used for sanitization.

Utilization of UV-C technology in Office & Home:


The use of UV-C light for surface sanitization of various objects in homes as well as offices is picking up ubiquity everywhere in the world. Previously it was utilized for the disinfection of Operating rooms in healthcare industries, subways, and metro trains.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations can utilize the UV-C technology to anticipate their work environment, employees, and customers to get contamination from coronavirus.

  • Telephones, remote control, mobile, laptops, tabloids, desktops, any electronic devices can be easily sanitized by UV light. Mostly mobiles which are extremely germ-laden.
  • Food items like packed food, milk packets, snacks, fruits & vegetables carry a lot of bacteria and fungi on the surface, which need to be sanitized before use through UVC sanitization.
  • Home & office furniture like chairs, tables, sofa, cupboard, and doorknob, suitcases, kitchen & kitchen appliances can be prevented from getting contaminated with germs using the UV-C sanitization process.
  • Banks are also utilizing the UV-C sanitization method for a germ-free environment.
  • Beauty salons, shopping malls & other showrooms have now accepted this UV-C technology to fight against coronavirus.

Conclusion: Ultraviolet light requires safety measures to guarantee secure utilization. Sanitization using UV-C light can demonstrate to be extremely advantageous in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

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