Dental Water distiller

Distilled water is unquestionably superior to tap water for use in dental chairs. The only reason behind this is very straightforward that tap water may be contaminated with hazardous biological contaminants, whereas distilled water is sterilized to the highest level possible to supply the purest form of water to the dental units that also enhances life of the equipment. 

Why Dental Water Distiller is Necessary For Dental Units?

The Tap water contains minerals such as fluoride, arsenic, lead, and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause internal damage in the dental chair, dental devices & can be a source of infection to the patient. Hence dental water distiller is required for dental units. 

Working Principle:

Water that has been boiled, sterilized, and purified through the process of thermal phase transition is known as distilled water. 

Fomos Dental Water distiller works through the process of distillation that includes boiling of water for a longer period, then steam generation, capturing the pure steam that enters the condensing coils, where the steam is cooled down and produces pure water droplets. The minerals, salt particles settle down inside the chamber. 

Aqua Water Distiller

Fomos Aqua Water distiller that provides with purest distilled water for use in the dental equipments, comes with high-quality plastic collection bottle.