Woodpecker D3 Non-Optic Scaler

02 Key Highlights

  • Stylish and compact device with a non-optic handpiece.
  • Easily detachable & autoclavable slim shank handpiece to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Automatic frequency tracking for easy removal of hard deposits from the tooth surfaces.
  • Automatic degenerative feedback system to provide constant power to the device.
  • Athermic stainless steel tips for comfortable scaling.
  • A range of powers on the control panel to choose the right power for the treatment makes the procedure painless and comfortable.
  • Lightweight ultrasonic scaler with easy installation in the dental unit.
  • Microcomputer control that ensures effective working of the unit.

03 Technical Specification

2 modes: General & Perio
5 Tips3 general scaling, 1 Perio & 1 stain removal
Main unit input24V 50HzHz 1.3A
Output power3W-20W
Frequency28kHz + 3kHz
Main unit weight198mm×134mm×80mm
Warranty1 year on all parts of the product (Physical damage is not covered in any case)

04 Frequently Asked Questions

How automatic frequency tracking help in removal of tartar?

Automatic frequency tracking in the DTE D3 scaler works by piezon technology. It boosts the power on the scaler tip due to which it becomes easier to remove the tartar or hard calculus from the tooth surface.

What all tips are provided with the unit?

This DTE D3 scaler comes with 5 versatile tips to carry out different functions i.e.  3 general scaling, 1 stain removal and 1 Perio tip for subgingival scaling.

Can the handpiece of the scaler be sterilized?

Yes, the handpiece comes with latest sealing technique due to which it can be autoclavable at 135 degree C in B class autoclave.

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