India’s most trusted progressive group and the fastest growing company, recognized as the pioneer and well established name offering the widest range of dental equipments.
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Welcome to UNICORN DenMart !

India is changing. And so are the expectations of our consumers and patients.

They are now demanding international-standards of service. This also applies to medical professionals and dentists. Can the Dental World meet these expectations?

Yes, we can! As a Dentist, you are constantly upgrading your knowledge and skills to remain one of the best in the profession. Through perfection and trustworthiness,you retain and also attract new patients.

We, at Unicorn DenMart, see ourselves as your trustedback-end partner, supplying you the very best possible international tools, equipment and service.

Yes, we are the largest provider of international dental tools in India, with the largest service network.

But our goal is to constantly and unceasingly improve our offerings and service to always stay your rock-solid wall of support systems.

We are behind you all the way. And we would askyou to judge us by our actions, not just our words.

Our operating philosophy is straight forward:

“Behind the Best Indian Dentists.”

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