Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

02 Key Highlights

  • Mult-frequency technology for an accurate reading in the presence of blood or saliva or pulp.
  • Measurement will not be affected by tooth type.
  • More accurate than the traditional working length determination method.
  • Multi-color LCD display with alarm function to easy operation.

03 Specification

Generation6th generation apex locator.
DeviationNo deviation in the presence of residual pulp, saliva or weeping canals.
StructureSimple Compact Device.

04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of having 6th generation apex locator?

Dpex V, a 6th generation apex locator is perfect for measuring the working length without fluctuation even in presence of blood, saliva, water, pus or residual pulp due to multifrequency technology.

Can Woodpecker Dpex V Apex locator be helpful in weeping canals?

Yes, as Dpex V is a 6th generation apex locator, it can provide an accurate reading in weeping canals.

What all accessories are provided with the Dpex V apex locator?

  • Measuring wire – 1 Qty
  •  File Clip – 2 Qty
  •  Lip Hook – 2 Qty
  •  Touch Probe – 1 Qty
  •   Tester – 1 Qty

How to sterilize measuring wire as it cannot be autoclaved?

Measuring wire cannot be autoclaved, it can be disinfected using medical alcohol.

Sometimes when the file is put inside the canal, and it is very close to apical foramen, but the screen shows it is still very far from apical foramen or no indication on the screen, what maybe the problem?

It shows the root canal is too dry, so the root canals need to be irrigated with irrigating solution, so that electricity can be conducted properly and the working length can be measured accurately.

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