Dental Autoclaves

Dental practise requires the use of an autoclave or steam steriliser. It is a device that sterilises instruments and equipment by destroying all types of pathogenic microorganisms using high pressure and temperature.

During surgical procedures, the concept of sterilisation and its role is to control infection and prevent cross-contamination and sepsis.

Unicorn Denmart has the dental autoclaves from the reliable global brands like Gnatus & Runyes. These dental steam sterilizers improves the quality of the dental practice by enhancing the hygiene in the clinic.

Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

B class front-loading autoclave with triple vacuum cycle for the total annihilation of bacteria, virus & fungi. It has a USB function for data storage & accessibility, comes with B+ cycle for 100% assurance of sterilization prior to any surgical procedure.

Gnatus BIoclave 21L – N Class Autoclave

Gnatus N class autoclave comes with innovative design and excellent functionality to make the sterilization more effective. Gnatus, a Brazilian brand known for its outstanding commitment towards the healthcare industry to provide the best & reliable equipment with the smartest technology in the market

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