Dental Handpieces

In any dental practise, handpieces are a must-have item. A handpiece is necessary whether doing a regular visit or a endodontic, surgical, or restorative treatment. While certain handpieces are meant to be used for a number of operations, many specific handpieces are only suitable for special cases. This is why it’s critical to have the right handpieces in your office, as well as the systems you’ll need to clean and maintain them.

The dental handpieces from Unicorn Denmart are of light weight, well balanced & comfortable grip.

Hi-Clean Oil Spray Bottle

Hi-clean oil spray is an advanced lubricating and cleaning agent for the dental handpieces. It is non-toxic and FDA approved product, recommended by NSK.

NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece

With the combination of NSK’s air turbine simulation technology, FX plus handpiece is a new model with the highest power provides faster cutting efficiency. It also prevents cross-contamination through ARV technology.

NSK S-Max Pico Non-Optic Handpiece

NSK’s S-Max Pico is an innovative air turbine with the ultra-miniature head design for improved visibility and accessibility during dental procedures. It provides operation of minimal intervention.

NSK Dyna LED Handpiece

NSK Dyna LED Handpiece provides high reliability and performance due to the micro-precision engineering. Its self-illuminating feature with Dynamo micropower generator makes it unique than other handpieces.

NSK S-Max Pico Optic Handpiece

S-Max Pico Optic Handpiece comes with ultra mini head and super slim body for operation with minimal intervention. This is an innovative turbine designed with NSK precision engineering for greater flexibility.

NSK S-Max M95L Optic Handpiece

NSK S-Max M95L is an optic handpiece with an increasing gear head system designed without compromising the performance of the handpiece.

NSK S-Max SG20 Handpiece

NSK SG20 implant handpiece with stainless steel body provides enhanced precision during implanting due to 20:1 reduction gear ratio. It has the ability to prevent cross-contamination through double sealing system.

NSK S-Max M25 Low Speed Handpiece

S-Max M25 is a slim ergonomically designed low-speed handpiece that comes with a 1:1 gear head system to increase the dentist's productivity.


NSK MPAS head (20:1) provides precision during endodontic procedure by real time display of file inside canal when connected with NSK endomotor and apex locator. It provides high durability and stability to the dentist.

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