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CAD/CAM systems use an scanning device to create a 3D image of the intraoral structures, which is then imported into a software programme to generate a computer-generated cast on which the restoration is designed. The dentist can build a final restoration in just one hour using an in-house CAD/CAM technology.

Milling devices grind or mill exact restorations very fast using the digital impressions and patterns you’ve prepared. You can complete your restorations in one visit because they’re chairside in your office. 
What is Zirconia?
Zirconia is a ceramic even if  it has a metal atom that combines the biocompatibility of ceramics with a high strength–in some ways stronger than titanium. Zirconia is made up of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), a chemically inert ceramic that doesn’t react with anything in your mouth. 
Advantages of Zirconia:

  • Zirconia is often known as Ceramic Steel due to its extraordinary tensile strength. 
  • Eliminates allergic reactions
  • Not a conductor of electricity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Protection from unpleasant hot/cold sensitivity

Wet Milling or Dry Milling:
What type of milling you do depends on the material you’re milling. A dry mill is commonly used to grind zirconia, wax, and PMMA (a methacrylate resin used for temporaries). Wet milling is also an option for zirconia and PMMA. 
Dental Applications:
Full-contour zirconia crowns, bridges, and implant crowns are made with Zirconia Milling Blanks. 
Zircoza Zirconia Blanks:
Zircoza Material has made certain arrangements for the acquisition and distribution of internationally renowned brands of zirconia blanks and blocks for dental usage, and has pledged to provide you with unsurpassed quality. 
Advantages of Zircoza Blanks:

  • High Purity
  • Original dimension stability after zirconia sintering
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Highly aesthetic
  • High strength
Zircoza IS-TR-CZD Shade A1

A Pre colored Zirconia material, specially used for the pre shaded crowns and bridges work,

Zircoza IS-ZD Pro

Solid zirconia contains more stabilizers than translucent zirconia which makes it opaque in properties, making it more durable to withstand forceful chewing and grinding. This material is particularly suitable for patients who have tendency of biting teeth more strongly and have a habit of bruxism. Only minimal clearance is required for this type of restoration, and there is low wear on opposing teeth.

Zircoza IS-TR-ZD Plus

Zirconia Plus is more translucent in nature then a solid Zirconia, Translucent zirconia is a more opalescent unlike solid zirconia, it is especially suitable for anterior crowns, having the translucency in nature.

Zircoza IS-ETR-ZD Premium

EXTREME TRANSLUCENT ZIRCONIA is the highly translucent zirconia material, specially used for making anterior Crowns, veneers and bridges up to 3 units in length.

Zircoza IS-TR-CZD Shade A3

A Pre colored Zirconia material, specially used for the pre shaded crowns and bridges work,

Zircoza IS-TR-CZD Shade A2

A Pre colored Zirconia material, specially used for the pre shaded crowns and bridges work,

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