Dental Micromotor

The dental micromotor uses high torque and offers precision cutting with reduced vibration. Unicorn Denmart offers dental electric motors from well-known brands such as NSK and Saeshin, which are known for their durability, dependability, and ergonomic design.

Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor

Micro NX clinical electric micromotor provides the efficiency for safe & quick performance during various dental procedures. With the smallest and lightest motor in the world, it offers the dentist additional convenience for efficient and comfortable dental procedures.

Strong Clinical Control Box Micromotor ( Indian)

Strong clinical micromotor with control box is used by dental professionals that come with advanced features such as enhanced torque for smooth operations and regulation by hand or foot control.

NSK Electric Micromotor Upgrading System – NLZ E

An electric micromotor with a unique technology that can be used for both crown cutting and endodontic application. It is a compact unit with flexible installation. The reciprocation function can be used with NLZ E (6:1) handpiece.