Dental RVG

A small instrument called an intraoral sensor is used to obtain radiographic images inside the mouth. The image is captured by the sensor, sent to the monitor for processing, and then a digital image is generated and shown on the screen. Unlike traditional x-ray film, intraoral sensors produce high-quality and sharp images.

Digital Intraoral sensors give dental professionals more versatility in how they use them while also making the patient more comfortable. Furthermore, the ability to keep radiographs without sacrificing image quality, as well as the option to send a soft copy to an insurance agency or referral partner, and the benefits of using digital sensors, can all be easily observed by your dental clinic.

  • Low radiation dose
  • Instant production of image
  • Easy control of contrast
  • Many filters and diagnostic tools are available
  • Computerized image interpretation
  • Image enhancement
  • No chemical processing

How Does It Work?
Images are obtained on the reactive side. The tissue is exposed to X-ray radiation, and the sensor captures the refracted light. Analog-to-Digital converters are used to develop the image and convert it to digital data. This digital data is then sent to a computer, where the image may be viewed immediately by the doctor. Cable attachment is present on the Non-Reactive side. Data is transferred from the sensor to the computer via USB.

Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor

Xpect vision is world's first company who introduce “Photon Counting Intraoral Sensor,” technology to dentistry. A Game Changer for Intraoral Sensor as it delivers more information compare to other existing technology.

Carestream RVG CS 5200

A well-renowned brand known for its user-friendly image processing tools make it one of the most reliable and most demanded intraoral sensors among dentist. Its Super CMOS technology help in accurate diagnosis with its HD quality image.

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