Dental Lab Scanner

Dental lab scanner products are used to convert conventional dental impressions made on putty / any impression material into digital impressions by scanning the dental impression or physical die stone model.

Dental lab scanners 3D capturing techniques switch all images while scanning and produce on the system, 

It can be used by both clinicians as well as dental lab operators for the scanning impression purpose,

The benefits of having dental lab scanner products are that the records of dental impressions can be made digitally instead of physically storing, digitally accuracy of cad production ( cad-cam crowns, etc )

There are Different Kinds Of Digital Dental lab Scanners,
  • White light-based
  • Blue light-based 
  • Multi blue LED line light-based 
  • Closed tray / open 
Advantages of Dental lab Scanner in Clinics/Lab 
  • Multi blue LED line light-based lab scanners are more efficient to scan more accurate impressions for better prosthesis production.
  • Clinicians can scan impressions at their end and then they can send scans directly through email to the lab without any physical distortion of impression in transportation.
  • Clinician and lab operator can validate their scan digitally and can make the necessary changes required in the preparation,
  • Can maintain the impression records for a longer period,
  • Digital Accuracy of impression 

For the best results for the prosthesis such as dental zirconia crowns, copings, and so on .. one must look for the best Lab scanner which has its price range starting from 6 lac and goes up to 30 lac depending upon the features of the dental lab scanner.

Clinicians and dental lab operators can select Dental lab scanner products at the best price according to their needs and features and can grow their practices.

Shinning 3D Autoscan DS EX Pro

Shinning 3D Autoscan DS EX Pro With increased scan speed, a single jaw scan can be finished in 12 seconds. The entire process of a separate-die order can be completed within 2 minutes and a non-separated-die order within 2.5 minutes.

E2 Dental Lab Scanner

It is a medium level lab scanner with an accuracy of 10 microns for the models and 12 microns for implants. It has two cameras of 5MP and multi blue LED lines for better scanning.

E3 Dental Lab Scanner

It is a color lab scanner with faster scanning and having an accuracy of 7 microns for dental models and 10 microns for implants. This scanner will help you to upgrade the lab with works such as abutments, screw-retained crowns etc.

E4 Dental lab Scanner

E4 Lab scanner has double the speed and double accuracy. It is a color scanner with 4 cameras for enhanced accuracy and improved efficiency.

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