Light Cure Unit

Light cure units are an essential part of the dental clinics as these are used for daily restorative dentistry for different dental procedures e.g. orthodontic brackets, post and core build-up, cosmetic dentistry, luting agent, and pit-fissure sealants, etc.

What is the light cure?

It is a device, capable of generating and transmitting high-intensity light of a specific wavelength to polymerize light-activated resins. The photo-initiators in resins absorb the photon energy, combines with the activator, and emit free radicals which initiate the polymerization process. The light in the light cure unit comes under the visible spectrum of wavelength 400-490nm.

Light Emitting Diodes:

The most commonly used curing light is the LED. There have been significant improvements in technology in recent years. However, some advanced light-activated resins are introduced in the market with new type photo-initiators, which can be cured with the help of newly designed LED light cure units with the feature of broad-spectrum emission with a high level of irradiance. These advanced light cure units can cure all types of resins without restriction.

Advantages of LED Light Cure Units:

  • A long life span without a decrease in the intensity of the power
  • Less power consumption
  • Less heat generation
  • Can be battery operated
  • Easy operation
Woodpecker DTE O-LIGHT Cure Unit

A very reliable light cure unit from DTE, Woodpecker with high intensity powerful LED light and strong penetration power, capable of curing any type of resin material. It comes with user-friendly modes to select the curing time as per the requirement of the case.

Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

It is a curing light in economical range, but comes with high curing efficiency and Aluminium handle. Its light weight body is perfect to provide dentists a smooth working with less hand-fatigue.

Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus Light Cure Unit

Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus light cure unit provides high intensity focused light output for enhanced curing efficiency. Its polywave light and upgraded wide spectrum can cure any type of resin material in just 1 sec.