Physiodispensor and Piezosurgery Units

In recent years, dentistry has progressed to the point where the majority of dental treatment operations are performed using cutting-edge surgical equipment. Dental surgical equipment has become an essential aspect for dentists in India, whether the profession specialises in general dentistry and performs specific surgical operations or the practise is dedicated entirely to providing surgical services. Impacted tooth extraction, implant placement, bone grafts, and numerous osteotomy operations are all examples of dental surgeries.

Dental Surgical Equipment Include:

Piezosurgery unit

It is also commonly known as Implant motor. It maintains a constant speed and torque for trouble-free implant placement. It also comes in a variety of optic and non-optic options, depending on the dentist’s needs.  These implant motors’ torque value aids in better drilling of the bone without tissue necrosis or bony fractures. We have a wide selection of implant motors available, ranging from basic to technologically advanced, from well-known global companies.

We have the range of implant micromotor from NSK & Woodpecker in Unicorn DenMart. These dental implant motor has a few advantages:

Advanced Technology based implant motors

Durable motor
Aseptic Operation Control
Programs memory option
Autoclavable handpieces
Smooth and easy operation Piezosurgery Unit:

It is commonly known as dental ultra-surgery device. This device uses ultrasonic vibration to do precise bone cutting surgery. The device’s modulated frequency is sufficient for osteotomy without causing harm to the soft tissues, resulting in a soft tissue sparing approach.

It is superior to rotary because it allows for more precise bone cutting and faster bone tissue repair. The patient’s post-operative trauma is considerably decreased because of its micron cutting efficiency.

Advantages of Piezosurgery Over Rotary:

Micron cutting: Very precise bone cutting procedure with minimally invasive.
Selective Cutting: It is based on a soft tissue sparing technique which means it only cuts bone and not the soft tissue.
Cavitation Effect: The cavitation mechanism causes micro-coagulation during bone cutting using a piezosurgery device. It results in a surgical area that is devoid of bleeding.
Reduced post-operative trauma to patient
Faster healing

Unicorn Denmart deals with the piezosurgery unit range from renowned global brands like NSK & Woodpecker that deliver excellent clinical performance.

NSK Physiodispensor Surgic AP

A high precision advanced implant motor with simple foot control and user-friendly interface. Its SG20 (20:1) handpiece with double sealing system prevents the cross-contamination and provides outstanding clinical results.

NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro

An advanced implant motor with 80 Ncm maximum torque output and multi-functional foot control significantly improve the clinical efficiency during implant surgical procedure. NSK Surgic Pro Optic and Non-Optic handpiece calibration function guarantees the right torque output and 64 programs (8 × 8) for different implant systems allows for less operating time.


A compact & efficient implant motor with availability of data storage and data accessibility functions. Its calibration function guarantees for accurate torque output for various implant surgical procedures. Its X-DSG20L (20:1) Titanium dismantled handpiece with multifunctional foot control provides smooth and ease of operation.

Advance Piezosurgery Unit – Surgery X

A 3rd generation piezosurgery unit from DTE, Woodpecker for precise & safe osteotomy procedures. Its 7-inch wide touch screen and multifunctional foot control provides ease of operation. It has 70Watt high power for faster cutting efficiency combined with cold cutting mode and cavitation effect for faster regeneration by reducing tissue necrosis.

Implant Motor – Implant-X

An advanced implant motor with 7-inch wide touch screen and multifunctional foot control improves the precision during implant placement. The swiss motor and GRW German bearings increases the efficiency whereas the 8-step guiding tool provides ease of operation to the dental professional.