Genoray Papaya OPG has been installed in my clinic by Unicorn The OPG is working amazing with CUST Feature, I am totally satisfied with the Quality & services from Unicorn Denmart

Dr. Sreedhar Bitra - SMS Dental Hospital, AP
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Dr. Lokesh Singh Rajput - Om Dental Clinic

I Purchased Portable X Ray from Unicorn, To my Suprise, It got delivered with in 2-3 Days & Service was also very Quick and Amazing. Amazing Experience

Dr. Pandey - Pandey Dental Clinic, Punjab

Unicorn Denmart has the best customer service till date. I had an issue with my Carestream Kodak RVG but it was attended and solved quickly. Special mention to Mr Rajat Rane who very effortlessly and patiently solved the problem.

Dr. Khera - Khera Dental Clinic, Mumbai

Had a great experience. They are very professional and resolved my issue quite promptly. Very efficient with their work. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Dr. Ankita Nag - Consultant Periodontist at Orthosquare

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