Ultrasonic Scalers

An Ultrasonic Scaler is an intuitively designed electrical device that helps to remove plaque, calculus, and other types of deposits from the tooth surfaces with the help of high-frequency vibrations. 

Types of Ultrasonic Vibration:

Ultrasonic scalers convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that produces high-frequency vibrations through a mechanism called the piezoelectric mechanism.

The most commonly used mechanism for the ultrasonic scaler is the piezoelectric mechanism. The piezoelectric unit operates in the range of 25,000–50,000 cps (cycles per second).  The piezoelectric crystals are placed within the handpiece. When electricity passes through the crystals, it causes dimensional changes and causes high-frequency vibrations. The tip vibration is linear in direction. The piezoelectric crystals include crystal quartz, Rochelle salts, ceramics, etc.

How Does The Ultrasonic Scaler Work?

When the unit is connected to the electricity, the handpiece attached to the unit through the cord gets activated and converts the electrical energy to mechanical energy-producing high-frequency vibration in the tip or file.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Scalers:

  • Comfortable for the patient due to linear vibration.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Very effective for stain & calculus removal
  • Less need for water to control the heat
  • Increase in tactile sensation with no vibration to the handpiece.


  • Removal of stains 
  • Supra-gingival and sub-gingival calculus
  • Removal of the debris prior to oral surgery
  • Removal of orthodontic cements/ de-bonding
  • Removal of debris from periodontal pocket 
  • Removal of debris from furcation areas.

Modes in the Ultrasonic Scaler:

G – General Supragingival scaling mode for plaque and calculus removal from the tooth surface. Also used for stain removal.

P – Perio mode for subgingival scaling for the removal of calculus from below gingival margin, furcation area, removal of tartar from narrow interdental spaces, debridement of abscess, and root planing.

E- Endo mode for root canal cleaning and removal of foreign materials or any filling materials, removal of calcification and locating the root canal orifices, etc.

NSK Varios 570 Scaler

It is a compact and versatile unit with large power dial for clear indications. It offers minimal yet steady power for more effective periodontal treatment.

NSK Varios 970 Scaler

It is an All-in-One unit with integrated water pump for periodontics, endodontic, Oral-prophylaxis, MI applications and implant maintenance. It is the latest development in Piezon technology to provide with a stable power output and frequency for effective treatment.

Inbuilt Scaler V6

This in-built scaler from DTE, Woodpecker comes with amazing features and many versatile tips for a wider application in dental procedures. Its autoclavable handpiece takes care of the hygiene maintenance and also help in providing painless scaling to the patients.

Inbuilt Scaler V3

The inbuilt V3 LED scaler with integrated various modes including endo mode to provide the dentist flexible operation. It comes with versatile tips to perform various dental procedures.

Woodpecker D5 Non-Optic Scaler

A dental scaler with multiple color option to choose as per the requirement by the dentist, also with optic handpiece to improve the visibility during scaling procedure.

Woodpecker D5 LED Scaler

A scaler with advanced technology and a round compact design for easy installation. It also comes with automatic frequency tracking for easy removal of hard deposits from the tooth surface.

Woodpecker U6 Scaler

A unique designed scaler with smart touch system and with enhanced endo functions. Its sine wave drive technology prevents the stimulation of the patients and improves the comfort.

Woodpecker D3 Non-Optic Scaler

A dental scaler with multiple color option to choose as per the requirement by the dentist, also with optic handpiece to improve the visibility during scaling procedure.