Apex Locators

An apex locator is an electrical device that determines the apical constriction and measures the canal’s working length during endodontic therapy.

It prevents over-instrumentation, which can cause injury to the periapical tissues and cause patient discomfort, as well as leaving pulp debris and infections behind and leading to additional infection.

Traditional x-ray working length determination is prone to inaccuracies, which can result in under- or over-instrumentation.

The apex locator provides the benefits of enhanced safety & accuracy with less radiation exposure & lesser risks of procedural accidents.

Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

A 6th generation apex locator from DTE, Woodpecker with multi-frequency impedance technology for accurate detection of apical constriction irrespective of the type of tooth and the conditions e.g. weeping canals, pulp residues, pus or saliva etc. It is more stable and has stronger anti-interference ability.

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