Trios 4 Intraoral Scanner

This wireless intraoral scanner has caries diagnostic aid & monitoring tools. It is very fast and comfortable, at the same time delivers high accuracy on single units.

Roland DWX-42W Dental Milling Machine

It is a specially designed 4-axis wet milling machine for chair side operations. It is used for faster, high accuracy, high aesthetics crowns and prosthesis. It comes with 6 automatic tool changers for uninterrupted milling.

Roland DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

Roland 52D 5-Axis dental milling machine provides high-reliable, precise and affordable solution to make your lab more efficient and productive.

ROLAND DWX 52 DCI Dental Milling Machine

It is a dry milling machine with ultimate 24 hours productivity. This 5-Axis milling machine comes with 15 automatic tool changer and advanced automatic disc changer up to 6 discs.

VHF N4 Plus Dental Milling Machine

VHF N4 Plus is a wet processing milling machine with high precision and fast drive. It provides maximum variety and maximum indications.

VHF Z4 Dental Milling Machine

When it comes to Milling crowns In House, the Z4 sets unprecedented quality standards with unparalleled efficiency. Z4 is developed for CHAIRSIDE DENTISTRY applications, Specially designed for Lithium Disilicate (EMax & Titanium Crowns & abutments)

VHF K5 Plus Dental Milling Machine

VHF K5 Plus Milling machine is 5 axes dry milling machine & equipped with many advanced features like direct disc technology , inbuilt ionizer and ability to mill in the interdental area.

VHF S5 Milling Machine

It is a highly versatile dental milling machine with 5 simultaneously operating axes. It is designed for both wet and dry milling. It is very easy to operate with dental CAM software with direct Mill function for maximum variety and maximum efficiency.

E1 Dental Lab Scanner

It is entry-level economical lab scanner with a scan accuracy of 10 microns for the models. It has 5MP Super high definition camera and multi blue LED lines light for better scanning.