Trios 5 Intraoral Scanner

Trios 5 intraoral scanners are designed for an effortless scanning experience, next-level ergonomics, and improved hygiene. This is the scanner that sets a new standard in patient protection and infection control.

VHF S5M Dental Milling Machine

Introducing VHF S5m, the 5-axis milling machine for dry & wet machining. With S5m, you can machine a particularly wide range of materials and indications (blanks up to 30 mm in height).

Roland DWX-53 DC Dental Milling Machine

Enhance your business' ROI and minimize downtime with DGSHAPE CLOUD performance visualization software that allows for remote monitoring of the new DWX-53DC, and DWX-52D series mills from one location, desktop or mobile.

Shinning 3D Autoscan DS EX Pro

Shinning 3D Autoscan DS EX Pro With increased scan speed, a single jaw scan can be finished in 12 seconds. The entire process of a separate-die order can be completed within 2 minutes and a non-separated-die order within 2.5 minutes.

Maxx ATM-10 Aligner Trimming Machine

Trim clear aligners with an automated dental trimming machine! ATM-10 allows orthodontists to cut out a ready-to-wear aligner from a thermoformed model in less than 3 minutes (trimming 1 min 40 sec).

Trios 4 Intraoral Scanner

This wireless intraoral scanner has caries diagnostic aid & monitoring tools. It is very fast and comfortable, at the same time delivers high accuracy on single units.

Roland DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

Roland 52D 5-Axis dental milling machine provides high-reliable, precise and affordable solution to make your lab more efficient and productive.

ROLAND DWX 52 DCI Dental Milling Machine

It is a dry milling machine with ultimate 24 hours productivity. This 5-Axis milling machine comes with 15 automatic tool changer and advanced automatic disc changer up to 6 discs.

VHF S5 Milling Machine

It is a highly versatile dental milling machine with 5 simultaneously operating axes. It is designed for both wet and dry milling. It is very easy to operate with dental CAM software with direct Mill function for maximum variety and maximum efficiency.

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