Dental Chairs

A dental chair is used by the dentist to do oral screening, oral surgical procedures easily without any discomfort to both dentist and patient, accompanied by a Doctor’s stool on which the dentist performs the dental procedures. Unicorn Denmart deals with a wide range of dental chairs from economical range to premium range according to the choice of dentists.

Unicorn denmart dental chairs are well-known among Indian dentists for their great durability and quality. Unicorn Denmart is affiliated with international brands such as Gnatus, DCI, and Anthos, among others. In addition, Unicorn Denmart’s cooperation with brands such as Gnatus has made it unrivalled in the Indian market. Unicorn Denmart looks after its consumers by delivering prompt service with their extensive service network throughout India. Finally, it has its own “My Unicorn” app, which allows users to record their grievances without having to waste time calling customer service.

Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair

Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair (improve) - Designed & built inside Europe first dental unit production hub, the A3 Plus personifies all the key values of the Anthos brand: -practically, reliability, flexibility & safety.

Gnatus S500 Dental Chair

Gnatus S500 imported dental chair from Brazil provides the dentist complete peace of mind with its advanced technologies like anti-crushing system, automatic right arm, chair synchronization, bio-system, emergency switch etc. The sofa type leather upholstery is designed to provide optimum comfort to the patients.

Gnatus S400 Dental Chair

Gnatus S400 dental chair from Brazil with an overhanging delivery unit, equipped with BOSCH motor, USA made tubings and advanced technology for safe dental practice. It has safety systems equipped to make the dental treatment experience very comfortable for patient.

Gnatus S300 Dental Chair

A newly designed Gnatus S line dental chair from Brazil, available with both Underhanging and Overhanging model as per the requirement. A highly reliable and robust dental chair with safety systems provides comfort & proficiency for an effortless dental treatment.

Gnatus S200 Dental Chair

An electrically operated underhanging dental chair from Gnatus, Brazil with excellent durability and reliability for both patient & dentist’s comfort. It is equipped with BOSCH DC motor and enhanced hygiene maintenance with advanced technology.

Star Dental Chair – Traditional Delivery Unit

It is a highly demanded dental chair with wider backrest and instrument tray. A programmable dental chair with modern technology to provide ease to the dentist during dental care.

Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair

Runyes Innova Gold dental chair with an overhanging balance delivery unit to prevent back pressure and hand fatigue for dentist. It is designed to meet all the dentist’s requirements with its safety and hygiene maintenance features.

Runyes Innova Pad Dental Chair

Innova Pad underhanging model dental chair from Ningbo Runyes brand is a newly designed dental chair with ± 70-degree movement holder rack for easy access to the handpieces and its ergonomic design with innovative technologies to provide dentist ease to work.

Avyanna Dental Chair

An electrically operated dental chair with state-of -art microprocessor-controlled PCB for chair control system. It is equipped with micromotor, inbuilt scaler, light cure unit and motorized dry suction system to meet all the requirements of the dentist.

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