Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair

02 Key Highlights

  • Electrically controlled Multi-Programmable Dental chair with 4 working positions + 2 (rinse and automatic return, return-to-zero position)
  • Emergency stop – stop the movement of the dental chair by pressing any key from Dental chair control buttons.
  • A multi-functional foot control unit makes it possible to activate/deactivate instruments and operate the Chip Air and Chip Water functions.
  • Stop vacuum– ON/OFF of the suction system through foot control placed in the bottom of the chair.
  • Integrated safety device at base, backrest & assistant arm to avoid entrapment.
  • Customized assistant module arm meets dental team’s needs.
  • Seamless upholstery with lumbar support for patient comfort.
  • Integrated Digital Control panel makes operator’s work easier.
  • Optional Bio system makes Anthos A3 Plus Hygiene.
  • Trendelenburg movement feature for the emergency situation.
  • Foot Control:-
    • Multifunctional foot control for easy operations and chair control movements
    • Ergonomic design with hygiene advantage ( wireless foot control).
    • Activation and progressive adjustment of instruments speed and spray by lever control.
    • Air and water control for running instruments and activation of rinse (and automatic return) and return-to-zero position programs.
    • Instrument speed and power adjustment feature makes every operation more ergonomic.

    Water Unit:-

    • Disinfectable and removable bowl, made of melamine resin, rotating of 270°.
    • Capacitive control panel:- resistant and easily sanitized.
    • Integrated optional hygiene system gives safe clinical environment.
    • Integrated Bio System optional provides protected clinical environment.
    • Control command for water level.

03 Delivery Unit

  • DIGIT TOUCH display to visualize and control the instruments parameters and the hygiene devices.
  • Improved dentist module available in International and Continental versions, with double articulated, mechanical brake and two 4-way MIDWEST modules, , micromotor, scaler and 3 Way syringe on Delivery unit.
  • The lightweight, compact i-MMr micromotor can be set to reach speeds between 100and 40,000 rpm.
  • Anti-retraction system for the sprays of instruments (O.D.R. system) – Automatic Chip Air.
  • Independent spray regulation for each instrument.
  • Touch pad control with alphanumeric display allows performance control management.
  • Digital control panel with X-Ray viewer.
  • 6 instrument optional applications improve ergonomic usability

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Base Material In Anthos A3 Dental Chair?

The base material of the Anthos A3 Plus Dental chair is Aluminium alloy that is very durable and rust-free.

How Much Total Load Can Be Provided To A3 Plus Dental Chair?

Anthos A3 plus dental chair can withstand up to 190 kgs load

Is There Any Improvements In Control Panel Of Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair?

Yes, the newly designed control panel of Anthos A3 plus dental chair has a capacitive glass touch screen with a quick adjustment of power and speed with numerical indication. Also, there is the availability of a clean button.

06 Happy Customers

Anthos A3 Plus

Dr. Arundeep Singh

Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad

Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair

Dr Dax Abraham

Sapru Dental, Delhi

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