Dental Sealing Machine

A dental sealer is a machine that uses heat to seal dental instruments, pack them, and prepare them for sterilisation.

Process Of Sealing The Dental Instruments:

Following the cleaning and sanitising process using an ultrasonic cleaner, each instrument  must be packaged and sealed appropriately.

Making an excellent job of packaging and sealing helps to secure the safety of both the instruments and everyone involved, from medical professionals to patients.

After bagging, sealing completes the packing phase and is necessary for a successful autoclave passage as well as the preservation of the sterility of the autoclaved instruments until they are ready to use.

How To Seal The Instruments With Dental Sealing Machine?

The sealing process must be done correctly if the bagged sterile instruments are to be maintained intact until they are ready for use.

  • The contents must not take up more than 3/4 of the total volume of the package.
  • A 3cm gap should be left between the instruments and the seal.
  • To make it easier to open, leave a 1-cm gap between the seal and the paper’s edge.
  • The sealing strip’s width should be between 6 and 12 mm.
  • Protect any sharp ends with protective tip covers after making sure they’re sterile.
  • Mop up any extra oil from oiled air rotors with absorbent gauze.
  • Any instruments in pouches with plainly burned or uneven seals must be repacked.

As a result, it’s critical to invest in and employ a dental sealing equipment for sealing reusable dental instruments and make pouches, which will heat seal the packets prior to autoclaving, ensuring a secure seal.

Foseal Dental Sealing Machine

A sealing machine with high-quality performance and a smart operation for effective sealing of the sterilization pouches.