Dental X-Ray

The use of a dental X-Ray machine allows a dentist to better diagnose and plan treatment operations by providing a clear view of the internal radiolucent areas. Detecting and treating dental disorders that can save money for the patient.
Dental X-Ray equipment is a type of electromagnetic energy that can either flow through or be absorbed by solid materials. Dental X-Rays are ionising radiation with enough energy to ionise atoms and disrupt the connection between molecules.
Dental X-Ray Equipment’s Production:
Due to the quick drop in the rate of swiftly moving electron speed, Dental X-Ray Portable Machine are emitted when they collide and interfere with the target anode. In this process, 99 percent of the heat is generated and less than 1% of the Dental X-Ray Unit is produced. When high-speed electrons lose energy in an X-Ray tube’s target.
Types of Dental X-Rays:
Extraoral Dental X-Rays:
Panoramic X-Ray: It records the whole image of the mouth at once, which aids in the detection of any impacted teeth, as well as the identification and treatment of tumours.
Tomograms: It depicts slices of the mouth so that any difficult-to-see structures can be identified.
Computed Tomography: In dentistry, it’s commonly utilised to detect bone fractures or tumour growth. It also aids in implant placement by determining the density of the bone.
Intraoral Dental X-Rays:
Periapical: It is utilised to detect any abnormalities in the tooth’s root structure and periapical areas, such as bone health, periodontal ligament, and interproximal areas.
Bitewing: To determine the cast repair and marginal integrity of the fillings, as well as to detect gum disease.
Occlusal: To detect full tooth development along the mouth’s arch.

Genoray Portable Dental X-Ray Machine- Port XII

Port X II, X-ray from Genoray, Korea is the highest selling portable X-ray due to its high image quality, compact design and user-friendly operation. Its excellent shielding (LEAD coating) prevents radiation leakage and can be easily used in multi-chair setup.

Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray

Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray exceeds the expectation of the user with its innovative technology. With its 95% less LEAD Green Technology, it provides better functionality and high degree of radiation isolation.

Runyes Ray 68 AC X-Ray (Floor Mount)

Runyes Ray 68 AC X-ray floor mount provides enhances accessibility, fast movement and accurate positioning. Its precise timing control with microprocessor technology provides sharp image in less exposure time.

Runyes Ray 68 AC X Ray (Wall Mount)

Runyes Ray 68 AC X-ray machine from Ningbo Runyes, is incorporated with various safety features to meet the need of the patient and the user. It provides high quality image with higher resolution through its 70KvP Toshiba Tube.

Runyes Ray 68 DC X Ray

Runyes DC X-ray machine with constant potential high frequency DC generator provides detailed and sharp image for a better diagnosis. Its Soft Scissor Arms allows the user for a flexible operation.